How to Troubleshoot my Ansys Software Installation

November 8, 2022 Dan Dart

How to Troubleshoot my Ansys Software Installation

When installing Ansys software, it doesn’t have to be painful. You may occasionally run into a few snags that may make the process not go as planned. I have documented some of the most common things I have encountered that make an otherwise normal installation, unsuccessful. Hopefully you find something on this list that helps resolve your issue.

Access the Ansys Customer Portal by registering with your customer number.  Doing this will provide you with access to your latest as well as legacy software downloads.  Your customer number is located on the license file if you received a floating license or your account representative at Rand Simulation can provide it to you.

  • Extract the installation files first before installing (Ansys suggests 7-Zip).
  • When you install, run setup as Administrator (Right Click>More>Run as Administrator).  Follow these steps even if the user already has administrator rights (reportedly due to a bug with the Microsoft OS).
  • Firewall and Security software should be temporarily turned off during the install.  Sometimes this is required depending on the type and settings of your firewall and security software behavior.
  • If the machine running the Ansys software has two display drivers, most commonly it’s an extra Intel driver, go into Device Manager and disable the extra display driver.  You can check this with msinfo>Components>Display or Device Manager, you will need to make the change under Device Manager>Display Adapters
  • Make sure your graphics card is compatible and that you have the latest driver installed.  You can find the list of compatible cards in the Graphics Cards Tested PDF found here:  You can also view supported operating system versions, remote access tools, job schedulers, etc. from this page.
  • If you are integrating your CAD with Ansys, remember that if you use the Plug-in feature rather than the Reader feature, you will need the appropriate CAD Interface license and you need to configure the CAD Interface running the CAD Configuration manager or original setup as Administrator.

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