Webinar: A Guide to Particle Simulation with Ansys Rocky

April 11, 2024 Jason Shar

This webinar, taking place on June 13 at 2:00 PM ET, will be your comprehensive guide to understanding and utilizing Ansys Rocky – the leading particle mechanics simulation software.

Throughout the session, we'll delve into the capabilities of Ansys Rocky for simulating the motion and behavior of particles like gravel, tablets, wood chips, and so much more.

Discover how Ansys Rocky can empower you to:

  • Design and optimize equipment that handles granular materials, such as mixers, hoppers, and conveyors.
  • Predict the behavior of particles under various conditions, including stress, strain, and flow.
  • Model complex particle interactions for a deeper understanding of particulate material behavior.

This is the perfect introduction for engineers, product developers, and innovative leaders interested in leveraging Ansys Rocky to simulate and analyze the behavior of particles. Register today and unlock a world of possibilities in particle mechanics simulation!

About the Author

Jason Shar

Jason A. Shar is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) consulting engineering at RandSim. He is a former recipient for the STEM fellowship awarded from the Ohio Space Grant Consortium hosted by NASA, and was a sponsored postdoctoral researcher through Kennesaw State University. Prior to breaking out in industry, he had been involved in academia for at least 10 years and had recently earned his PhD in Engineering with a focus in Medical and Biological Systems from Wright State University. During this time, he developed a wealth of experience related to learning and the dissemination of knowledge. His training and research experience have provided him with strong and broad backgrounds in the fields of mechanical engineering, numerical modeling, including CFD, finite element analysis, and fluid-structure interaction, and clinical image processing. As a result of this breakthrough research, he was able to publish 5 peer-reviewed articles in high-quality journals (average impact factor: 4.127, 37 citations), co-author one book chapter, and presented 12 papers at national and international conferences. Notably, he was awarded a top spot, twice, in an international conference's bachelor's and PhD student paper competitions.

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