Is High-Performance Computing Right for Your Company?

November 28, 2023 Adam Weaver

High-Performance Computing, or HPC, can be a hazy topic. While people who work with simulation software may be familiar with it, many incorrectly think that it is only for large companies, huge R&D departments, or engineers who drive simulations all day every day. HPC can, in fact, bring significant benefits to companies of all sizes.

To learn the many ways HPC can make a company more competitive and determine if an investment in HPC is right for your company, watch the recording of our 60-minute webinar, Ansys High-Performance Computing Overview.

During the webinar, we make and prove four assertions:

  1. HPC doesn’t have to be a giant leap. Small, effective steps can be taken; rent options are available
  2. Both cost and time savings can be reasonably predicted. Parallel scalability follows predictable trends, and Cloud and licensing costs can be calculated based on simulation time
  3. The shift to HPC can open new ways of thinking about simulation. Used throughout the design process, engineers can explore parametrics and optimization methods
  4. The investment can be approved by management. We help companies understand if HPC makes sense for them and, if so, help put together a justification presentation for management

We prove those assertions through four major topics:

  1. Parallel Scalability – Understanding the factors that influence speed and efficiency
  2. Adapted Methodologies – Using HPC in many different areas
  3. Value of HPC Solutions – Predicting the ROI of increased simulation output
  4. Rent vs Own vs Both – Evaluating the balance between Cloud and on-premises options

As an Ansys Elite Channel Partner, we can help you understand, purchase, implement, and use Ansys HPC solutions. Contact us to learn more.

About the Author

Adam Weaver

Adam oversees the technical operations at Rand Simulation and works to deliver solutions to customers in the form of both collaborative engineering consulting and software support and training. A graduate of Purdue University in Aerospace Engineering, Adam first began his career with a specialization in turbomachinery and heat transfer, utilizing Ansys CFD solutions to advance design efforts in gas-turbine cooling methodologies, and then later in broader turbomachinery applications. Since joining Rand, Adam has helped in the adoption of this technology across a wide range of industries including biomedical, marine, HVAC, pharmaceutical, food processing and cultivation, entertainment, and many more.

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