How to Set Up Ansys Elastic Licensing

November 1, 2022 Dan Dart

Ansys Elastic Licensing is pay as you go type licensing.  You get access to many types of physics simulations and can work in conjunction with the more typical Floating or On-Premise license.

You will receive an email from Ansys with your new Activations describing your purchase similar to this sample.

Open the Ansys Elastic Licensing Getting Started PDF document attached to the welcome email, which contains instructions for Linux and Windows.

Note Page 1 and Page 3, Step 2 for Installations of Ansys Releases 2020R1 or later. This document includes additional samples of the license page and client utility, and a video link to supplement the instructions in the PDF.

In addition to the instructions below, you may also watch this short video on YouTube. 

Configuring Elastic Licensing using the Client Settings Utility - YouTube

The video includes configuring Elastic Licensing with the Licensing Utility, Enabling/Disabling Elastic Licensing, and Gathering Diagnostics.

Navigate to and enter your Customer Number or Customer Name

Click Elastic Credentials on the left-side menu, then Click Export ID & PIN to Create and Download the *.JSON File for import into the Client Utility

  1. Load the following page:
  2. Click on Elastic Credentials

  3. Click on Export ID & PIN

    Clicking Export ID & PIN will download a *.json file. 

    Check your browser download or the download folder in Windows:

  4. Run Ansys Client Licensing Settings

  5. Click on Enable Elastic Licensing

  6. Click on Import ID and PIN and read in the *.json file from step 3

  7. Elastic License Server ID and Elastic License Server PIN are read in, click Save

    Note from your browser’s download settings where the file is downloaded. In this case, it is downloaded to the Downloads folder. Your system may be setup with an alternate download path.

Run the Licensing Utility as Administrator on the Client Machine

2022R2 – Ansys Client License Settings

2023R1 Ansys Licensing Settings

Read in the JSON file from the previous download and click Save

If you did not run the utility as Administrator, you may receive the below error as the app cannot write to the directory unless Administrator privileges are provided.  Re-run the utility as Administrator and import the JSON file and try to save again. If you still have the below error, contact your IT and ask about read/write privileges to the C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc folder and subdirectories.

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