Fluent Native GPU Overview

June 15, 2023 Alex Lefebvre

Rand Simulation presented an overview of Ansys Fluent GPU (graphics processing unit) solver capabilities. We covered a range of simulations -- from internal and external aerodynamics, to subsonic and low supersonic -- providing a fair assessment of the newly added Fluent native GPU solver.

The end goal is to better understand how the native GPU solver performs in real-world applications when it makes sense to use it, and what are the potential benefits.

Watch the recorded webinar, today.

Using real-world applications, we will learn:

  • The benefits and limitations of Ansys Fluent Native GPU solver
  • About simulation time and hardware cost difference between Native GPU and CPU solves
  • The impact of the Native GPU technology in the industries that are adopting it
  • What the GPU solver can do for you and the steps involved to make it happen

Get inside information on this emerging fluid simulation advancement from the experts at Rand Simulation by watching this webinar, today.

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Alex Lefebvre

CFD Simulation Specialist<br><br>Alex collaborates with clients to find solutions that meet their needs, whether it be new software, technical training, or consulting services. He completed his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Miami, with a focus on aircraft design. After the completion of his Ph.D., Alex worked in Formula 1 as a CFD expert where he helped the team produce a car that finished 5th in the world's championship.

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