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December 12, 2022 Dan Dart

License borrowing is a feature that floating on-premise licensing has that allows a user to check out license increments to their machine -- for use of Ansys products disconnected from the network and isolated from the license server.  Sometimes, this is necessary for high security environments or if there is a need to run Ansys away and disconnected from the license server network domain.  Checking out a license removes the selected license increments from the pool of available licenses on the license server for a specified period.

To use license borrowing, you must generate a license on the licensing portal -- or specify that the license is borrowable when you order through your account manager.  If you did not originally get a borrowable license, the ASC (Ansys Support Coordinator) – the person(s) at your company designated and credentialed to make license changes, will need to login into and generate a new license. Once logged into the licensing portal enter your customer number or company name in the upper right of your screen and follow the steps below to generate a license with borrowing capability enabled.

  1. Enter your Ansys Customer Number or Company Name
  2. Select Activations – Activate Entitlements
  3. Check the Borrowable Box
  4. Click Save and Generate and a license will be downloaded to your machine or Save and e-mail and the license will be emailed to the ASC.
  5. Install the new license on the License Server. Remember to run the License Manager as Administrator when loading the new license.
  6. On the Client Machine, Run Ansys Client License Settings – Click Borrow and select the licensing increments you need to check out.

Select your increments in the drop-down box titled “Select Increments.”

From the ANSYS 2022R2 Licensing Guide:

1.2.4. Setting Borrowed Increments

Clicking the Borrow option, displays a drop-down menu containing a list of borrowable licensing increments (available only on Windows machines). License borrowing allows a user to take a license for use while not connected to the network.

Note:  This feature is available after defining a FlexNet server.

To borrow license increments:

  1. From the Borrow screen, select the license increments you wish to borrow from the Borrowable Increments drop-down menu.
  2. Set the return date for each increment.
  3. When you have finished selecting your increments and setting the dates for each, click Borrow.
  4. When you are finished with the license increments, return to the Borrow screen and click Return for the appropriate increment or Return All to return all increments.

To determine exactly what license increments to borrow, you may need to load the model, run it through some of your normal workflows click on Reporting > FlexNet Publisher License Status and see if any other increments have been checked out while you are working on your model.  You can also look at the description of the increments for the various products here which are updated from time to time. The latest release is at the top of the page.

Download the Ansys Support document.


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