Rand Simulation Insider: November 2023

November 22, 2023 Conrad Magalis

Ansys Sustainability Solutions
The primary benefits of driving sustainability lie in optimizing product designs for reduced environmental impact. Through simulation, engineers can explore different materials, manufacturing processes, and design configurations, enabling them to make informed decisions that lead to more eco-friendly and resource-efficient products.

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Get Started with Ansys Sherlock for Electronics Reliability
Ansys Sherlock is a powerful software tool for electronics reliability analysis. It helps engineers predict the reliability of electronic products by simulating various environmental and operational conditions. Rand Simulation offers consulting services and training to get you started.

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Ansys Fluent Native GPU Solver Capabilities
Rand Simulation recently presented an overview of Ansys Fluent GPU (graphics processing unit) solver capabilities. We covered a range of simulations -- from internal and external aerodynamics to subsonic and low supersonic -- providing a fair assessment of the newly added Fluent native GPU solver.

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Simulation: Seeing Beyond the Technical Benefits
Rand Simulation discusses simulation’s impact on a company with particular emphasis on driving business value through its adoption. We cover an initial discussion on what simulation is, how it has evolved within the product development cycle, and some common objections.

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Experience Next Level Innovation at Ansys' CES 2024 Events
2024 is poised to be a pivotal one for technology professionals and engineers alike, and Ansys is at the forefront of this movement. With a commitment to enabling next-level innovation through simulation, Ansys and Rand Simulation invite you to join us at CES 2024 -- the world-renowned Consumer Electronics Show.

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About the Author

Conrad Magalis

Conrad Magalis is responsible for the adoption of advanced digital engineering practices at Rand Simulation. Conrad has a broad range of experience within manufacturing and industrial industries. His acumen is focused on progressive business and engineering decisions, with practical outcomes.

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