Rand Simulation Insider: January 2023

January 23, 2023 Conrad Magalis

Webcast: Leveraging Simulation for Electromagnetic Shielding Optimization on 2/15
Rand SIM will be presenting on how to leverage Ansys simulation tools for electromagnetic (EM) shielding optimization on 2/15 at 2 PM ET. You'll get an inside view of how to improve your products from electromagnetic interference and better meet EM compatibility standards.

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What if Your Eye Froze? A Chilling Zemax Simulation
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your eye froze due to extreme cold? Our new blog post uses Ansys Zemax simulations to show the potential effects and how to correct the distortion in your eye!

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Simulation Solutions for Electronics
Using Ansys electronics solutions minimizes testing costs, ensures regulatory compliance, improves reliability, and drastically reduces product development time to help you build best-in-class and cutting-edge products.

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Solve the Largest, Most Complex Particle Simulations with Ease
Ansys Rocky is uniquely capable of modeling real particle shapes—including any solids, 2D shells, and rigid and flexible fibers. The simulations are fast and accurate. With multi-GPU solver technology, you can simulate the behavior of different shaped and sized particles in many industrial applications.

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Bring Your Product Vision to Reality
Engineering simulation can benefit companies of all sizes and needs. This video explains the benefits of incorporating simulation early in the design process and how Ansys simulation software combined with our collaborative consulting approach can help you deliver better products and reach higher profits.

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