Five "Shocking" Applications for Ansys Charge Plus

November 13, 2023 Conrad Magalis

If you analyze electromagnetic effects and charging phenomena, you have probably heard of Ansys EMA3D Charge. Earlier this year, Ansys changed the name of this 3D modeling software for simulating charging, discharging, and charge carrier transport to Ansys Charge Plus, and it is better than ever.

Engineers in the consumer, automotive, and aerospace and defense industries use Ansys Charge Plus to expedite assessments and manage risks associated with material charging and discharging.

Below are highlights. For more information and to see demonstrations of the software in action, view the section on Ansys Charge Plus within our 60-minute webinar, Build a Virtual Electromagnetic Test Environment to Ensure Product Success.

We work with customers using Ansys Charge Plus for a variety of electrostatic discharging applications:

Example Applications

  1. Determine if a wire on a conductor put into the door of an automobile will be too close to the chassis, causing an arc to jump across the gap.

  2. Determine if lightning will attach to an aircraft, where it will attach, and if the electronics of the aircraft can survive. This same simulation can be run on electric vehicles, small components, ground equipment, communications equipment, and more.

  3. Determine if a powerline is too close to a tree, and at what point could an arc occur and potentially start a fire.

  4. Determine if an arc will form across switches and breakers in a high-voltage system.

  5. Perform ESD gun testing, required for a lot of products. The air properties must be understood. For example, we have seen some modeling where salt brine has caused a change in the conductivity and made an arc possible in an unexpected place.

These are just a few of the many applications possible with Ansys Charge Plus. Contact us to learn more about how Rand Simulation can help your company use this software to solve complex electromagnetic interference and compatibility challenges.

About the Author

Conrad Magalis

Conrad Magalis is responsible for the adoption of advanced digital engineering practices at Rand Simulation. Conrad has a broad range of experience within manufacturing and industrial industries. His acumen is focused on progressive business and engineering decisions, with practical outcomes.

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