Electronics Event: EPTECH - 10.16.2023

September 7, 2023 Conrad Magalis

Rand Simulation invites you to attend an all day electronics technical conference at the Mississauga Convention Centre on October 16, 2023. This event includes the EPTECH electronics trade show along with technical speaking sessions hosted by SMTA.

The Rand Simulation team will be available at our booth during the trade show and will be hosting two technical seminars discussing the use of Ansys simulation software for improving electronics reliability (abstracts below). 

Other non-commercial workshops and presentations will feature wider aspects of electronics hardware, including design and simulation, as well as keynote speakers on the application of AI to manufacturing and the outcomes of the US CHIPS and Science Act.

Note -- there are two registrations available, one for the trade show, one for the speaking sessions:

EPTECH is hosting the SMTA Ontario Chapter conference on electronics technology – separate registration is required – for program information and preregistration, visit the EPTECH website. The SMTA tech talk conference attendees should register in advance and the registration fee includes meals.

Electronics reliability sessions:

  • A Multiphysics Approach to Electronics Reliability -- When evaluating printed circuit board (PCB) designs for high reliability applications, engineers are faced with the challenge of balancing the requirements of multiple physics disciplines to optimize PCB reliability in a harsh use environment. Three broad areas of product reliability – electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability – require evaluation to produce reliable PCB designs with a long service life and reduced product failures. This is becoming more critical than ever as the applications demand increasingly complex electronic components and threaten to change the duty cycles those components will experience.   

    This presentation outlines a simulation workflow that combines simulations with reliability physics principles to evaluate and mitigate potential failure risks early in the design phase. Utilizing a simulation-based reliability physics analysis early in the design allows engineers to investigate the unknown failure risks and make rapid design changes to ensure reliability. 

  • The Pitfalls of MTBF Reliability Predictions and how RPA Fills the Gaps -- As the knowledge of electrical component failure modes and the access to computational power has become more available, RPA (reliability physics analysis) models for components reliability are becoming more prevalent. This presentation will provide fundamental overview of mean time between failure methodologies and the use of Ansys Sherlock simulation software to analyze and improve electronics products. 

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Conrad Magalis

Conrad Magalis is responsible for the adoption of advanced digital engineering practices at Rand Simulation. Conrad has a broad range of experience within manufacturing and industrial industries. His acumen is focused on progressive business and engineering decisions, with practical outcomes.

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