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December 6, 2023 Conrad Magalis

Look to Ansys Charge Plus and EMC Plus to Anticipate Electromagnetic Compatibility Issues

Modern manufacturers face numerous pressures when taking a product to market, most falling under the categories of expense and efficiency. With the continuous growth of electronics and digitalization, it is crucial to ensure confidence in product design and function by anticipating slowdowns to avoid increasing product-to-market pressures.

Testing product designs before their development for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) issues keeps manufacturers from creating multiple product iterations and failing compliance standards.

Ansys Charge Plus and EMC Plus are the software solutions to identifying EMC and ECI issues before they happen, allowing manufacturers everywhere to take a more efficient and streamlined approach to product design, development, and sales. And while it may be tempting to forego investing in such programming, the result of doing so is costly.

The Drive to Digitalization Challenges Electronics Product Development

Electronics are everywhere. Our daily lives are digitalized. We have smart thermostats, regular wireless connectivity, and require constant access to the power grid. It is only natural that anyone creating a circuit or electronics-based product must ensure that it is electromagnetically compatible with the components and systems in which it interacts with and is surrounded by.

Testing for EMC is necessary for product development, and companies that develop products must invest in it for several different reasons:

  • A product’s success on the market depends on its EMC.
  • EMC regulatory compliance is mandatory.
  • Repeating compliance tests is expensive.
  • Re-designing products is expensive.
  • EMC issues cause process inefficiency.
  • EMC issues decrease market competitiveness.
  • EMC issues increase liability risks.

Implement Ansys Charge Plus and EMC Plus to Correct Course

Ansys developed Charge Plus and EMC Plus to identify electromagnetic compatibility issues before a product is created. Any manufacturer will tell you that the earlier you find a design problem, the better. Waiting to see if there are EMC issues until a product is on the shelf costs both time and money. Charge Plus and EMC Plus prevent such costs and mitigate the growing EMC issues facing manufacturers. Using forgiving Voxel mesh and unique simulation technology, Charge Plus and EMC Plus anticipate EMC issues before they happen based on initial users’ uploaded product designs.

In short, both Charge Plus and EMC Plus simulate the effects of electromagnetics on circuits and electrical systems.  They are easy to learn and intuitive to use and boast a successful track record of use in both the aerospace and automotive industries, which have stringent standards and requirements that cannot be compromised.

Ansys Charge Plus and EMC Plus Offer Unparalleled Benefits to Manufacturers

Charge Plus models complex systems and environments by way of uploaded CAD files and meshing. Charge Plus models charging, discharging, and charge carrier transport. It assesses the impacts of EMI on electrical systems and components and then assists users in doing the following:

  • Assigning material properties
  • Defining environments
  • Meshing models
  • Identifying EMI and EMC issues
  • Evaluating shielding effectiveness
  • Predicting radiation patterns and charge accumulation

Overall, Charge Plus is your one-stop shop for many tasks, as it performs CAD cleaning, simulation, initialization, meshing, analysis, and visualization of all charging and discharging problems in a single, streamlined workflow.

EMC Plus is specialized simulation software that analyzes electromagnetic effects on cables and cable harnesses. In essence, EMC Plus functions like Charge Plus; it is just specifically for cable constructs. EMC Plus helps users:

  • Model and analyze cable structures
  • Predict crosstalk between cables
  • Assess shielding effectiveness
  • Evaluate cable system performance with EMI
  • Ensure compliance with EMC standards
  • Consider the impact of air properties

EMC Plus accommodates multiple conductors, shields, and branches in models to give the most realistic picture of conductors in their actual environments.

Ensure Your Product—and Its Market Safety and Success

Consider the Ansys solution to electromagnetic compatibility issues with Charge Plus and EMC Plus. Simulate your product design to reduce the costs and time involved in designing, developing, and creating your product. Mitigate liability risks when your product goes on the market. Anticipate electromagnetic interference and issues with EMC and compliance with required regulations early to increase your confidence in your product design and move forward in the product-to-market process.

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