Mastering 5G Technology with Ansys Solutions

February 28, 2024 Anna Scovill

This webinar explores the fundamentals of 5G technology and its specific applications in various industries. Gain valuable insights from Rand Simulation and Ansys experts as they delve into:

  • 5G Fundamentals: Understand the core concepts and transformative impact of 5G.
  • 5G and Antennas: Learn how Ansys HFSS can be used for modeling and simulating 5G antennas, including large-scale simulations and antenna-to-antenna interaction.
  • 5G and Connectors/PCBs: Discover how to address challenges like shrinking connectors, tighter standards, signal integrity, and thermal issues using HFSS. EMI Shielding: Explore techniques for evaluating and optimizing EMI shielding using Ansys tools.
  • 2024 Ansys Software Updates: Stay in the know about the latest advancements in Ansys electronics software relevant to 5G and higher speeds.

This comprehensive webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate the exciting world of 5G technology.

Watch now and unlock the potential of 5G for your projects!

About the Author

Anna Scovill

Anna Scovill is an Application Engineer for the Electronics team with a B.S in electrical engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago. She has been an Ansys user for 4 years and comes from a background of Signal Integrity and high frequency designs.

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