Getting Started with Ansys EMC+ for Electromagnetic Simulation

November 16, 2023 Conrad Magalis

Explore the world of electromagnetic compatibility and interference with Ansys EMC+. An essential module within the Ansys simulation suite, EMC+ empowers engineers and researchers to assess and mitigate electromagnetic issues in electronic systems. From signal integrity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) analysis, this powerful tool provides a comprehensive platform for predicting and optimizing the behavior of electronic devices in real-world scenarios. In this video, discover the key features of Ansys EMC+ and learn how to set up simulations to analyze electromagnetic phenomena.

Whether you're designing circuits, antennas, or entire electronic systems, EMC+ offers advanced modeling capabilities and a user-friendly interface for accurate and efficient simulations. Join us on a journey into the realm of electromagnetic simulation, where you'll gain insights into ensuring the reliability and performance of your electronic designs.

Uncover the secrets of mitigating interference, enhancing signal integrity, and optimizing the electromagnetic compatibility of your projects. Stay tuned for practical tips, tutorials, and real-world examples to harness the full potential of Ansys EMC+ for your electromagnetic simulation needs. Subscribe now for in-depth insights and tutorials on mastering this cutting-edge tool for electromagnetic analysis.

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Conrad Magalis

Conrad Magalis is responsible for the adoption of advanced digital engineering practices at Rand Simulation. Conrad has a broad range of experience within manufacturing and industrial industries. His acumen is focused on progressive business and engineering decisions, with practical outcomes.

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