Webinar: Ansys High-Performance Computing Overview

November 16, 2023 Adam Weaver

As simulation becomes more ubiquitous in the engineering world, more platforms are opening up for High-Performance Computing to tackle those simulations faster. But what is it, how do you access it, and what value can it bring to your design cycle? In this webinar, we hope to offer clarity to this complex topic and make it easier for engineers to access. During this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • How High-Performance Computing is used to rapidly accelerate design cycles via simulation.
  • New analysis methodologies (such as parameter sweeps, optimization, and rapid design exploration) are enabled by the practical removal of computational bottlenecks.
  • The benefits of higher fidelity, versus the benefits of higher capacity.
  • How parallel scalability is dependent on the simulation model and computational hardware.
  • The many ways small and medium businesses can get access to HPC to fit any budget.

About the Author

Adam Weaver

Adam oversees the technical operations at Rand Simulation and works to deliver solutions to customers in the form of both collaborative engineering consulting and software support and training. A graduate of Purdue University in Aerospace Engineering, Adam first began his career with a specialization in turbomachinery and heat transfer, utilizing Ansys CFD solutions to advance design efforts in gas-turbine cooling methodologies, and then later in broader turbomachinery applications. Since joining Rand, Adam has helped in the adoption of this technology across a wide range of industries including biomedical, marine, HVAC, pharmaceutical, food processing and cultivation, entertainment, and many more.

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