LS-Dyna: The Leading Explicit Structural Simulation Software

April 5, 2023 Dennis Chen

LS-Dyna is the leading explicit structural simulation software which provides today’s modern structural engineering teams with advanced capabilities to perform a broad range of highly non-linear and transient analyses, including crash and large deformation, impact penetration, ballistics, thermal, thermal-mechanical analyses, fluid-structural interactions, explosions, and much more.

In this video, we cover the following topics:

  • LS-Dyna as a comprehensive simulation suite
  • Review an example of preprocessing and post processing workflows inside workbench LS-Dyna
  • A deep dive into several real-life physical phenomena modelled within LS-Dyna to showcase common applications

What will you learn:

  • The wide range of capabilities and applications LS-Dyna can simulate
  • Gain insight into the workflow an engineer needs to manage in order to gain value from the tool
  • Examples of how Rand Simulation can help you leverage the power of LS-Dyna simulations even if you don’t have expert engineers on staff

For inquiries about purchasing Ansys LS Dyna or to partner with the Rand Simulation team on your structural engineering project, make sure to contact us.

About the Author

Dennis Chen

Simulation Specialist - FEA<br><br>Dennis is an expert in design consulting specifically in the medical industry. He has experiences working on a variety of devices such as orthopedics instruments and implants, Minimally Invasive surgical instruments, ENT microdebriders, inhalers, catheter-based devices and many more.

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