Ansys Lumerical for Photonic Integrated Circuit Design

April 12, 2023 Yaelle Olivier

We will be covering electronic-photonic design automation (EPDA) workflows and the Lumerical compact model library (CML) compiler to provide an end-to-end representation for today’s modern optical and photonic engineers and product manufactures.

To foster a design ecosystem for integrated photonics, Ansys Lumerical and Cadence have co-developed design workflows for photonic component designs and circuit designs, leveraging the state-of-the-art design tools of Cadence and Ansys Lumerical. Meanwhile, CML Compiler automates the creation, maintenance, and QA testing of INTERCONNECT and Verilog-A photonic compact model libraries (CMLs) from a single data source of measurements and simulation results.

About the Author

Yaelle Olivier

In Yaelle’s role as Optical Application Engineer in the Optics Business Unit (OBU) of Rand SIM, Yaelle completes analyses of clients’ designs, helps new customers find the right software for their needs, and provides support to existing customers. Yaelle has a background in spectroscopy and lens design, has many years of experience in Ansys Zemax, and is branching into Lumerical and SPEOS. Yaelle can leverage optics and photonics simulations to meet customer needs in an ever-changing landscape.

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