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November 18, 2022 Dan Dart
Ansys Account
NOTE: The customer’s Ansys Account is distinct from the Client Site or Customer Portal, and they have different login credentials
The Ansys account is used for anything subscription-based (Discovery), cloud-based, or to access the Ansys Store. This account is tied directly to the following:
  • Ansys Account Portal/Subscriptions
  • Ansys Store (ACT Extensions)
  • Ansys Cloud Portal
  • Ansys Discovery Forum
For help related to accessing your Ansys Account, you can email Ansys Community Help:
For help with registering your Discovery account:
For help related to Discovery subscription assignments and other account-related issues, you can also submit requests on the Ansys Discovery Forum:
Please have your Ansys Customer Number available when contacting Ansys directly. If you do not know your customer number, please reach out to your Rand Simulation Account Manager for that information.

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