Rand Simulation Launches Turbomachinery Offering

June 19, 2019

Turbomachinery companies solving complex problems before physical testing depend on Rand Simulation for expertise.

Increased demand for pumps, fans, turbines and compressors combined with mounting competitive pressures, has turbomachinery companies assessing ways to reduce the cost and time it takes to design better products. Rand Simulation (RandSIM), a new division of Rand Worldwide that provides ANSYS software solutions and consulting services – Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Electromagnetic Simulation (EMAG) – has launched new capabilities to help manufacturing organizations leverage the benefits of simulation to drive innovation.

“We are pleased to announce that we have expanded our collaborative consulting and overall business practice to include expertise focused on the turbomachinery industry,” Says Jason Pfeiffer, senior director for Rand Simulation. “Our combination of collaborative consulting and leading CFD tools help turbomachinery companies avoid moving from 1D flow simulations straight to costly prototyping. With simulation technology, we can help them discover potential problem areas with their design, identify and test a variety of solutions resulting in a design that is ready for prototyping all during the drawing phase when cost of change is minimal.”

For companies in fields related to turbomachinery, Rand Simulation’s team of experts can offer:

  • Proof of Concept – Prior to prototyping, a digital proof of concept can strengthen an offering and potentially help secure additional funding for continued development.
  • Problem Detection – A visualization of the flow phenomenon can detect problem areas and their root causes, which can be invaluable early in the design process.
  • Baseline Comparison/Benefit Quantification – By completing a detailed simulation of both existing and proposed solutions, the benefits and performance gains can easily be quantified, establishing more accurate calculations of the project’s return on investment and a variety of other metrics.

“Although the turbomachinery design field was one of the earliest adopters of CFD, the innovation in modern design tools with full system and full physics analysis has once again dramatically changed the opportunity for both large and small turbomachinery companies,” says Adam Weaver, turbomachinery CFD specialist for Rand Simulation. “Today’s CFD tools, such as those from ANSYS, are affordable and, with the proper training and support from experienced simulation consultants, can deliver staff efficiencies, drive design innovation and dramatically reduce costs.”

Experience the power of CFD today and reach out to our Rand Simulation experts by calling 888-483-0674 or emailing simulation@rand.com. For more information, download Rand Simulation’s Computational Fluid Dynamics in Turbomachinery whitepaper or to view the complete offering of engineering simulation solutions, visit www.randsim.com.

About Rand Simulation
Rand Simulation is focused on helping organizations bring their product vision to reality through incorporating engineering simulation technology into the product development process. Rand Simulation helps product development organizations looking to compress the design process, maximize innovation, strengthen competitive differentiation and grow bottom-line profitability. Serving as both a North American reseller of ANSYS engineering simulation software and a trusted design consultant, Rand Simulation offers insights gained from over 3,000 design projects using engineering analysis software to balance design performance with size, cost, DFM and aesthetics.

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