Simulation: Seeing Beyond the Technical Benefits

May 18, 2023 Krystian Link

On July 18 -- at 2 PM ET -- Rand Simulation will be discussing simulation’s impact on a company with particular emphasis on driving business value through its adoption. We will cover an initial discussion on what simulation is, how it has evolved within the product development cycle, and some common objections. We will then answer the question “why should I use simulation?” by diving into how analysis can reduce time-to-market and development costs, facilitate more effective R&D asset deployment, and improve strategic product marketing.

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Why you should attend this session:

  • Better understand what simulation is and how it fits in the product development cycle
  • How to leverage simulation to reduce product development risk
  • How to use simulation to reduce development cost and time to market
  • How simulation can empower the marketing business unit
  • How simulation can lead to more efficient redeployment of engineering resources to maximize product portfolio throughput

What you will learn about and how it will help you make better business decisions:

  • What simulation is and how it can support the product development cycle
  • Common objections to simulation and examples on how to overcome them
  • Building a business case for simulation resources
  • Where simulation can create time and cost savings in the product development cycle
  • How simulation can be a business tool to effect positive ROI in product development

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About the Author

Krystian Link

Krystian is a CFD application engineer at RandSim with over 10 years of product development experience in the automotive and manufacturing industries. His simulation experience focuses on vehicle thermal management, external aerodynamics simulations, and HVAC systems, including a publication in SAE’s Journal of Commercial Vehicles ("CFD Windshield Deicing Simulations for Commercial Vehicle Applications"). After completing his MBA at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, Krystian became even more passionate about building and implementing strategic solutions that not only address customers’ simulation needs, but also their business goals.

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