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ANSYS IcepAk Electronics Cooling Solution ANSYS Icepak accurately predicts airflow, temperature and heat transfer for electronic and power electronic components and printed circuit boards. It can also perform thermal analysis of system-level applications, such as data centers, computers and telecommunications equipment, and leverages the powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver, ANSYS Fluent, for evaluating conceptual designs and accessing data that would be either impractical or impossible with physical testing. With CAD-centric (mechanical and electrical CAD) and multiphysics user interfaces, Icepak facilitates the solving of today's most challenging thermal management problems in electronics products. It uses sophisticated CAD healing, simplification and metal fraction algorithms that reduce simulation times, while providing highly accurate solutions that have been validated against real-world products. The solution's high degree of accuracy results from the highly automated, advanced meshing and solver schemes, which ensure a true representation of the electronics application. The hex-dominant, unstructured meshing algorithms generate body-fitted meshes of complex geometries with minimal intervention. The state-of-the-art ANSYS Fluent CFD solver calculates thermal and fluid flows. Icepak includes all modes of heat transfer — conduction, convection and radiation — for steady- state and transient electronics cooling applications. Icepack also offers support for comprehensive electro-thermo- mechanical multiphysics analyses, thus enabling a true, 360-degree analysis of electronics products. Its software platform deployment ranges from laptops, workstations and internal compute farms to the cloud.

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