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OPTICAL / Ansys SPEOS Enterprise // 1 Perform visual ergonomic reviews for perceived quality, safety and comfort. Virtually simulate visual aspect, reflection, visibility and information legibility observed in real-world vehicle environments. Ansys SPEOS Enterprise The Ansys SPEOS Enterprise package contains all the features of the Ansys SPEOS Premium and Ansys SPEOS Pro packages, plus the following features: / Human Vision With SPEOS Enterprise, users can simulate the visual perception of a human observer within a virtual, illuminated environment (e.g., an aircraft cockpit or vehicle interior), and visualize the lit and unlit real-world appearance of virtual products. The software reproduces the appearance of product designs, based on spectral luminance results, algorithms for the dynamic adaptation and glare aspects of human vision — while considering the limitations of display capabilities. It enables users to evaluate and optimize any design to achieve quality levels for homogeneity, color differences and stray light issues. SPEOS Enterprise provides access to the human vision algorithm for luminance and 360-degree immersive or observer results. SPEOS Enterprise offers a refined human eye sensor model. The human vision simulation accounts for pupil diameter and other parameters to accurately reproduce how pupils react to changes in brightness. To accelerate results generation, the focalization point is directly considered during the simulation, preventing time-consuming post-processing. / Visibility and Legibility Users can virtually address visibility and legibility studies. SPEOS Enterprise includes a full set of expert tools for performing advanced, visual ergonomic analyses. It provides the user with previously unavailable information by evaluating the percentage of the population that detects or reads a specific area of the 3D scene. In post- processing, results may be further enhanced with the sunglass and colored filter features. Vision and visual performance models are correlated with the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) 145:2002 standard. SPEOS Enterprise permits users to express the relative visual performance according to different human and environmental parameters, such as contrast (background/foreground luminance) and observer age. OPTICAL

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