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1 PLATFORM / Cloud Datasheet // Cloud Datasheet PLATFORM Have you ever driven a car at the speed limit on a highway and wished you could run it full out on a racetrack with no speed limit? Ansys Cloud removes the speed limit for your simulations while also giving you a wider track for more throughput. It gives you access to unlimited HPC with no server limitations, so you can experience HPC as easy as it should be! Unleash the power of simulation! How often do you "cut corners" due to your compute limitation? Almost always, 40% More than half of the time, 35% Almost never, 25% Hardware constraints negatively impact simulation effectiveness for almost 75% of users. 60% of our customers are using less than 16 cores parallel processing. Are you ready to unleash the power of simulation? Focus on engineering (not maintaining clusters) Pay only for what you use Access the latest hardware Move fixed expenses to variable (CapEx -> OpEx) Increase simulation throughput from anywhere Access Ansys Cloud anywhere, anytime to obtain endless simulation capabilities compatible with most Ansys solvers. Forget hardware and pay only for what you need. Improve your workflow and reduce your expenses while boosting your innovation. Remove IT complexity and compute with confidence. Collaborate with your team on an all-in-one, user-friendly single platform that is always available. / Why Ansys Cloud? • Workflow: Cloud access is integrated direclty from your Ansys software. With only a few mouse clicks, you have the power of the cloud to use as you wish. • Performance: This complete solution — from solvers to the cloud — was developed by Ansys for full architecture integration. Like a Formula 1 race car, Ansys Cloud is tuned for Ansys solvers. • Support: Ansys supports the entire simulation process from hardware to software, from beginning to end.

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