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ANSYS Discovery Live Instantaneous Simulation Instantly see 3-D results enabled by a simplified physics setup and revolutionary solver technology powered by native parallel GPU processing. Interactive Experience Simulation results change live as you change physics types or inputs, make geometry edits or alter display characteristics. This is a paradigm shift in the way simulation is used for 3-D design. Experiment Quickly and Gain Intuition Observe results, gain insights and monitor trends. Use charts and calculations to measure output values of interest, track the impact of any change and rapidly explore design options. " Designers, scientists and engineers around the world rely on ANSYS to accurately predict their final products and projects. ANSYS' Discovery Live unleashes the power of NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA parallel computing to make possible the first-ever real-time design environment with simultaneous visualization and simulation. We're committed to working with ANSYS to advance breakthroughs in the way new products are designed and created. " — Bob Pette Vice President of Professional Visualization Nvidia Discovery Live is the first real-time 3-D simulation environment that enables you to interact intuitively and quickly with geometry, physics and results while the simulation is running. Combining fluids and thermal simulations with geometry changes provides instant details of velocity and thermal flow characteristics. Available for trail and purchase, " When I first saw Discovery Live I was very intrigued. I believe it could be a game changer, and greatly help in democratiza- tion of modeling and simulation. It has the potential for our specialists and designers to do "what if" studies much, much faster and easier. " — Bob Tickel Director of Structural & Dynamic Analysis, Corporate R&T, Cummins

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